Inktober day 21: Good mama huntbird and doopy baby.

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Look at these gorgeous dragons I won in breedabettadragon's giveaway!

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Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) »by Jaak Sarv (1|2)

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Givenchy haute couture S/S 2007

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“Women with spinal cord injuries report being denied birth control by their doctors in a manner that suggests their sexual lives are over. Elle Becker, a paraplegic, [reported]: ‘About four days after I broke my back I asked my surgeon, “I don’t have my birth control pills with me. Is there something we can do about that?” He said “Well, you don’t need those anymore,” and walked out of my room.’”

Disability, Sex Radicalism, and Political Agency - Abby Wilkerson (via scenicroutes)


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Enhydro Skeletal Smoky Amethyst with Hematite inclusions - Brandberg, Goboboseb, Namibia


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Fallow Deer (Dama dama)

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Goat - Mabie Farm Park 

Near Dumfries, South West Scotland

Nikon D300 17-55 f2.8G  Shot at 30mm f6.3 1/160th sec.

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“Having a soulmate is not always about love. You can find your soulmate in a friendship too.”


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